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Is there a way to read a virlog.dat file from a remote PC without running the log collector from the remote PC?

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so Im trying to get the locations of these viruses on a specific PC WITHOUT using the damn remote administrator console because it is just TOO DAMN SLOW!!


Here is what Im trying to explain:

I go to the dashboard and click on Antivirus threats.

It shows me a Pie graph with a bunch of threats.

I Left click in the pie area and then Left click Detailed information...


Here is when the frustration sets in...


When it finally shows the results there is a lot of good info....

Object URI shows where the file is actually at!


The problem is that when there are numerous records (in my case 482) it is impossible to scroll through.


I thought I could copy the virlog.dat from the infected PC and then use the log collector to open it on my PC, but I cant overwrite my virlog.dat because ESET is running!!




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So I figured a way to do it.

L Click in an open area on the webpage (that is showing all the threats)

do a CTRL+A




Open Excel



you'll have to adjust columns...but worth it!

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