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Client machines with two NICs appear twice in ERA 6

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Hello Everyone, 



My client machines with two NICs appear twice in ERA 6. In previous version 5.x, we had an option to rename Mac Address but I don't find it in ERA 6.x . Can somebody please explain how would I apply MAC settings or other possible workaround?



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  • ESET Staff

In ERA6, Agents are identified by unique identifier (UUID) generated during installation (manual, server assisted, live installer) or during push install (generated on Server prior to installation). MAC address is not longer used.


In your case it is possible that there is bug - Are you sure that those duplicated records, you can see in the console, are indentical? When you rename one of those computers, are both computers renamed?

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  • ESET Moderators

I believe that this issue (if these are the same things as I'm interpreting them) was resolved in the latest ERA 6.2 release, from changelog:


  • Fixed: An incorrect IP address of a computer is sometimes shown in ESET Remote Administrator Web Console when the computer has multiple network adapters


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