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Proper Syntax for Exclusions

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Hey all - 


I'm trying to add a series of exclusions to a customer's ESET policy in our v5 ERAC (Unix Desktop v4 -> ESET Daemon -> Settings -> Exclusions).  I must be putting them in with the wrong syntax, because they're not applying at the end-user's level.  The customer is running ESET NOD32 AV version 4.1.97


These are the exclusions I need to add:


Description Files and Folders to add as Exclusions Program Directory* /Applications/Jungle Disk Workgroup Cache Directory* /Library/Caches/jungledisk/wg-cache Settings File /Library/Preferences/junglediskworkgroup-settings.xml



This is the way I tried to enter these exclusions:


/Applications/Jungle Disk Workgroup::/Library/Caches/jungledisk/wg-cache::/Library/Preferences/junglediskworkgroup-settings.xml


Any ideas? 

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