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Help with re-installing windows

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So, the basic problem is that I got an extremely annoying virus, win32 fynloski...
Eset, and several other programs failed to remove it.
I heard it's best to just back up the files you know that work, and just re-install your OS.
I have the full registered version of smart security, but do I lose it if I re-install windows?
Will I lose license?
I am running windows 7 home premium, 64 bit.
I've searched for guides on how to remove fynloski, but it keeps re-appearing.
I can't seem to use regedit properly, every change has no effect, or I just can't find the right folders in regedit.
The virus isn't detected after killing the svchost process, but after that it just keep re-appearing.
The file itself, svchost.exe is not infected.

So I could use help with removing the virus, or help with keeping my license after re-installing windows.

Thanks in advance

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Hello randomname


Regarding your question about your license. Then just write down your username and password before you reinstall your Os. You can reinstall and uninstall eset as many times you like, just as long you have a valid license then is everything okay. Regarding the Malware, then I think you will be better of, contacting your local Eset vendor for support to remove the malware on your system.


Regards, Janus :-))

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If the Fynloski malware is not found even with the latest signature database 8529, try performing one more scan with 8530 which will have detection for recent new Fynloski variants included. Should it still be detected only during a memory scan, create a SysInspector log and submit it to ESET along with a link to this thread as per the instructions here.

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