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Force using FQDN of computer name instead of DNS

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Hi guys!


I have an annoying problem.


Before all, this is my setup :


ERA Appliance, my internal computers used the internal FQDN of the ERA appliance (ex ERAConsole.localdomain.local) and my external computers (laptop, tablet etc..) are using the external FQDN (eraconsole.domain.ca) with ports forwarded to the Appliance.


When I install the Agent on a external laptop, the laptop name on the Web console is the FQDN of the internet connection.


My question is : How to force the use of the full computer name instead of the DNS? This is pretty annoying and it let the laptops in "lost and found" folder




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  • ESET Staff

At this moment the only option would be to rename the computer manually. In ERA 6.2 there will be a server task and GUI wizard to that for you.

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