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File Security on Windows 2012R2 VM with MSSQL -> Veeam backup problem

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we have been using Eset RA5 and Eset File Security for MS Windows Server 4.5 on Windows 2012R2 VMs with MSSQL

for a while without any problems. We were able to backup these Vms with Veeam Backup & Replication 7 (Free Edition) just fine.


Now we have swichted over to Eset RA6 and the mentioned Windows 2012R2 VMs with MSSQL to Eset File Security for MS Windows Server 6.x

We are now not able to backup these with Veeam anymore as long as ESET File Security is installed on the VM.

With File Security 6.x the backup failes with a timeout issue during the vss snapshot of the VM.

To be able to backup the VMs we have uninstalled File Security 6.x on those VMs for now.


Eset File Security 6.x on Windows Server 2012R2 without MSSQL still works fine.


Is this a known issue with MSSQL (tested with MSSQL v. 2014 and 2008R2 on seperate machines)  and Server 2012R2 ?

Do you know a fix without compromising security (like uninstalling file security on the specific vm's) ?

Any ideas ?




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It looks like my problem has nothing to do with mssql at all. It just was a guess at the both vm with the problems have mssql installed and the other without the backup problem don't.

To test it I installed mssql 2014 on a new vm with windows server 2012R2 and is does backup fine with file security installed.


The both problematic vms have replication configured/active .. is that maybe the source of the problem ?

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Thank you for help.


Temporarily disabling makes no difference.

The only thing that seems to help is to disable "Echtzeit-Dateischutz automatisch starten" (disable autostart realtime protection) and reboot the vm.

After that I am able to perform a backup.


Just temporarily disabling it still blocks the backup somehow.

For testing I disabled every setting under realtime protection (local drive, network drives, .. open files, create file.. just everything) and the backup still fails regardless of active or temporarily disable realtime protection.

Still the only fix is to disable the automatic startup of realtime protection and reboot the vm.


Other vms do not require any changes to the settings and backup fine.

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It looks like I have found the problems source.


Both problematic VMs (one 2012R2, one 2008R2) are Hyper-V VMs "Generation 1" and have each two Disks (dynamic vhdx). The boot drive as IDE, the data drive as SCSI.


When I detach the SCSI discs the backup still fails while file security 6 is installed and realtime protection is enabled on boot - regardless of it beeing temprarily disabled or not.


But when I remove the scsi controllers from the VMs - only the boot IDE drive/controller left - the backup works even with file security fully enabled.

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