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Optimize ESET products for Remote Desktop Servers and VDI

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We have couple of Terminal servers ( Remote Desktop servers ) and VDI desktop farm also. We are facing to remote desktop freezing or high latency response on thin clients. This is over the user acceptation limit, in some cases there are almost 7-10 seconds lag. There is nothing special on the screen, just standard MS office app.


Have the ESET special edition for solutions like this?

Is there any suggestion or tips how to optimize settings for this environment?


In general: Do ESET recommend (support) to use your products in Remote desktop enironments?


In the past we use antivirus/antispam/firewall solution from other companies without impact to user input response latency. Yes this products have lower positive malicious code detection ratio.

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Does temporarily disabling real-time protection or application protocol filtering in the advanced setup make a difference? I assume you have ESET File Security v6 installed on TS, right?

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Depending on what type of RD-Servers you use, you should check some regular exclusions.


We faced the same problem in our Citrix environment but with following the official Citrix AV Guidelines, we're pretty happy with the results (see hxxp://support.citrix.com/article/ctx124185 & hxxp://support.citrix.com/article/CTX127030). Also some advice from ESET was followed, additionally to the regular exclusions made by the ESET programs themselve.


The only Thing we Need to pass on was scanning of e-mails in Outlook, here we were not able to perform well with mailboxes containing up to 70.000 (!) Messages in one (!!) Folder alone.

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