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ERA 6.1.365.0 struggle

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We've been using ERA 5 for a while and recently moved to ERA 6 and having big nightmare.  First and foremost, for whatever reason, we've lost all computers without agent in the list of "COMPUTERS" on ERA.  There were about 58 computers left, which were synced with active directory but it's gone after this morning after AD server update.  How do we recover it back so we can install endpoint antivirus?


Also, pushing agent fails 9 out of 10 times.  We later resort to Agent Live Installer but that it self takes about 20 minutes to complete per each PC which is painfully slow.


After agent installation, we then proceed on to push install of endpoint antivirus but that also takes extremely long, about 35 minutes per each PC and we have 5 PC that did not install even when all the settings were same.  


How do we recover all those PC without agents back to the "COMPUTERS" list???  We need to install security asap but this version 6 beta thing is just insane.

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As for the issue with displaying computers in ERA, please confirm that you have no filters set in the Computers pane:




To enforce synchronization with AD, navigate to Admin -> Server tasks -> Static group synchronization. Select the task and click Run now. You can also edit the task to make sure all parameters for synchronization with AD are set up correctly.


To make agent and endpoint install finish asap, you can do the following:

1, In the Computers pane, select All and then "Manage policies" from the context menu. Then select "Create and add policy". Select ERA Agent from the product drop-down menu. Decrease (temporarily) the interval for connecting to ERAS (20 minutes by default) and save the policy. Wait approx. 1 minute before proceeding.

2, Select all computers in the Computers pane. Click the Computers button and select "Send wake-up call" so that agents connect to ERAS and download the current policy asap.

3, Create a new Software install task for the desired dynamic or static group. Agents should receive the task quickly and start downloading ESET Endpoint.

If you are using an HTTP proxy server (e.g. Apache HTTP proxy bundled with the all-in-one ERA v6 installer), it's a good practice to push the install task on one client and wait a bit until the installer is completely downloaded and cached for future by the agents that will download it from proxy cache.


ERA 6 is a brand new product built from scratch with a completely different design than previous versions of ERA. We understand that it's not easy for users to simply upgrade and start using the new version. To make the upgrade and using ERA v6 easier, we've prepared a lot of KB articles and demonstration videos that are available on hxxp://kb.eset.com. Also ESET developers as well as other knowledgeable users provide answers to technical questions in this forum so if you need help or assistance with something, feel free to ask.

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