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[BUG] ESET 7 & MBAM Cause Freeze on logon (Netmanservice)

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OS : Windows 7 SP1 Professional 64bit ( Clean install )

Security software :


Mbam : latest build

ESET 7 Smart security latest beta build


Problem description :


After fresh installation of OS and after updating the whole system and installing non important 3th party software.

I've installed ESET 7 beta and after that MBAM

The problem starts right away, after reboot Windows 7 isn't able to login any users it just freezes.

After spitting thought some logs it seems that netmanservice encounted a error and it has something to do with ESET/MBAM


Temperately fix seems to be delaying MBAM service on startup. (services.msc)


Edit : After doing some more testing i found out that it doesn't happen all the time, 9/10 times it wont logon and freeze.

Disableing Wlan/Wifi seems to alter it as well down to 8/10 failed logins

Delaying MBAMservice @ boot seems to completely cure the problem*



Logs :




And one that the forum doesn't let me upload a log from windows itself :




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