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ESET 5.2.26 management console... how to log infection events?

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Hi all,


I am involved in a project to integrate ESET logs into a SIEM tool (OSSIM).


I installed the ERA Console and I saw that the ESET can be configured to do the logging to the OS... so I did ... 

I also configured the clients to allow remote administration as I plan to collect all the events in the server and log into the OS, windows 2003.


I went to the option Tools --> Server options --> Logging 


After all the settings, in the console I see the clients but I dont see much event in the windows events...(I set level 5 and above in everything).

I run a full scan and two virus were detected... someone could tell me where the events of those infections should be?

I checked in the Application events and Security events and nothing appears over there... I am running win2003R2.


Which event number are supposed to be for an infection? I only see a few events in the Application events subfolder regarding configuration changes in the console...the events 500 and 503, nothing else about the virus detections...


thanks a lot.


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