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Web Console issues

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Have never really had the need for external access for the web console, but now we do....


On the server itself it sees the console no issues. The minute we point to the server via local work station or inet we get.


404 - File or directory not found


Looked all over and don't see any resolution or setup info. So I'm assuming something is borked. Any info would be appreciated.


Server 2k8 R2 running 5.2.22


Haven't tried to update to 6.xx as I've been reading performance issues etc. Plus not not wanting to go through the upgrade steps as some installs are on another IT firms machines and saw where the instructions sad to uninsall via a push. Not looking to do that...




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If you enter the address as https://server_IP:port, do you see the main Tomcat page that reads "If you're seeing this, you've successfully installed Tomcat. Congratulations!" ?


As for performance issues, I'm not aware of any except those with accessing shared files with ESET File Security and scanning of network drives enabled.

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