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era v6 update and install client

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Can i update virus def. ERA v.6 from Era V.5?

How can i install client (just AV) to communicate with era v6?

we have no access to internet.

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ESET Endpoint v6 cannot be updated from a mirror created by older versions when speaking about update via http.

Ways to update:

- via an http proxy (e.g. Apache HTTP Proxy when using the all-in-one ERA v6 installer)

- from a mirror created by Endpoint v6


You'll need to install the ERA Agent on clients first, e.g. by using Live Installer generated by ERA. Once the agent has been installed, send a software install task to those clients so that agent downloads Endpoint from ESET's servers and installs it (the installer will be cached as long as a proxy server is used).

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