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How to create local installation package / ERA push installation error


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Some PC may not install properly if using push from remote administrator console. So wow to create local installation package for ESET antivirus 6 instead using remote administrator console? The version I am using is version 6.X. 

Here's a screenshot showing some machine is installed but most of PC not able to install (Webconsole_Pic1) & (Webconsole_Pic2)


I’ve download avremover_eea_nt64_enu.exe from ESET website,  I am facing below error message prompt out when trying to install on PC.

Some PC successfully installed with manually way instead of remote pushing from Remote Administrator, however still getting error as screenshot show below. Please assist. (Webconsole_Pic3)





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Endpoint is not installed by a push install from ERA. You install only the agent which downloads and installs Endpoint if it receives a software install task from ERA.

The error with ekrn occurred during installlation of Endpoint over the previous version. Could you try performing a clean install?

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