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Technology + awareness = Cybersecurity != Flash plugin


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Hi, I'm a happy user of ESET for the Mac. But am I the only one who finds it ironic that if you click "Start" the Cybersecurity Training, you are taken to a page that only works with Macromedia Flash  -- or in my case, a "Missing Plugin" Safari page because the Flash plugin is so notoriously insecure that it is difficult to keep up with the continuous flow of security updates (making it, of course, even more insecure to use)?


I mean, I would have thought one of the first lessons of Cybersecurity Training would be: disable Flash in your brower.


See for example hxxp://krebsonsecurity.com/2014/05/why-you-should-ditch-adobe-shockwave/and https://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash/.



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Well... I would also really enjoyed a HTML5 version. Not only because of security issues but of many other advantages HTML5 has like the possibility for a responsive and more flexible design.

However the Training as it is already really nice and maybe ESET will improve ESET CyberSecurity Education later. (actually they have a survey at the end of the training)

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Maybe now ESET will stop using Flash?

In any case it would need much work, so don't expect it happen very quickly.

However of course I would also very much appreciate it.

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