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Eset smart security problem with installation

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Hey i bought eset awhile ago. and a few months later (today) it was gone from my pc. Now when i try to install it, It says the computer has not been restarted after a program uninstallation.  Please restart the computer and run the installer again. Well i restarted my computer 3 times and it still says the same thing. I dont think i uninstalled any programs recently ether.  What should i do? i ran the cleaner it tells me to install at the end.

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So ESS just disappeared? :blink:


So are there any files in C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Smart Security? If so is there an (uninstall) entry in the Windows add/remove programs list?

If there is no entry but the files exist then there was surely a problem with the uninstallation (which seems to be happen although you didn't noticed it :unsure:?).


So I think the best way would be to uninstall ESS and reinstall it. If there is no entry for uninstalling in the control panel you can try another method with the latest option to use the safe mode uninstaller.

After this reinstall ESS like you normally would.


If you get messages about ESS not being installed during the uninstallation maybe also this fix can help you - although I have to admit that this is pure speculation.

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