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Software install fails on one computer.

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Hi, im trying to install Software (Endpoint antivirus) to the last computer.


Ok so agent is deployed(attaching). Then im trying to install software by going admin > client > software install.

Im creating the task in RIGHT way. I know this because the other 27 machines that got this task where installed successfully.


Ok so:

1.Computer has no antivirus software i uniinstalled everything with AV remover.

2. I can ping computer from the ERA server + can connect trough remote administrator (mstsc)

3. NSlookup finds everything ok.

4. Firewall is disabled.

5. Admin shared folder is enabled.

6. Administrator account is enabled.

7. Agent is deployed.


In the traceall logs i can find only this:


CReplicationModule [Thread 38f4]: CReplicationManager: Connection was closed by remote peer.


Any ideas?





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