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ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6 scan problem


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We are currently migrating from 5.x to the new 6.x versions and had to halt it a little bit due to on-demand scan being to ... demanding :)

The thing is, when an on-demand scan is executed via ERA or locally, it scans everything including NTFS symbolic links. An example will clarify it: 

OS: Windows 8.1

Scan: On-demand full scan with cleaning (can be w/o cleaning - doesnt' matter)

Path A: C:\Users\[username]\blabla

Path B: C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\blabla

Path A = Path B

.. and they are being scanned twice. First "compatibility" path, and after - "real" path... And unfortunetely, there is also C:\ProgramData ... Which results in a damn high scan time with lot's of false-postive results:




ESET Endpoint A/V 6.1.2227

ERA Server 6.1.365.0

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If you run an in-depth scan, Smart optimization is disabled so it's obvious that files maybe be scanned multiple times in case of symbolic links.

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