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Need to block SMB for one IP address

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I need to block communication with one IP address (especially SMB). But simply blocking all communication with this particular IP will suffice. I have created the rule prohibiting all UDP and TCP communication with this IP, but the rule has no effect. PC, which I need an access to be restricted to, is still completely accessible from that remote IP. Strangely, ICMP blocking, which I used for testing, works correctly. Any advice is appreciated.

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Maybe another rule (maybe even a pre-defined rule) has a higher priority, which e.g. allows SMB request in the whole trusted zone.

If this is the case then you currently can only deactivate the rule which is "too general" or make your other rule more specific (e.g. by adding a port or an application).


However in v9 of the home products you can set an order and ESS/NOD32 will evaluate rules based on this order.


More information:

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