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Upgrading ESET Antivirus to new version

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I didn't find anywhere,maybe I am missing something, but how upgrade to newest version of ESET Antivirus. 

On all my clients I have version 6.1.2222 but as i can see now there is 6.1.2227. Is there an easy way for me to upgrade this remotely through ERA6?


Thank you,

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You can create a dynamic group with computers with the older version and bind a software install task to the group. Upon creation of the task, select "Execute ASAP or first time a client joins the group" as the trigger so that the task is executed when a computer joins the dynamic group.

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So I can just do software install of the new version 6.1.2227 and with the same license? Do i need to remove the license i have now? Or i don't have to specify license at all? I just choose new version of AV and do the install?




Just tried in on my on computer, and installation works, update is automatic. 

I didnt touch the license, i mean,in the part where I need to specify the license i left the one i already have, and the count of the licenses is the same. Guess that is how this upgrade works.

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Yeah it was never 100% clear (at least before). Just push a new Software Install task with the same license and everything. The installer checks to see if there are any previous versions of ESET present and will uninstall the earlier version before installing the newest version.

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this way has worked for me!!


Step 1. create a new Dynamic template. (I named mine 6.1.2222.0 to 6.1.2227.0)



Step 2. Create a New Dynamic Group and point it to your newly created dynamic template (from step 1)



Step 3. Assign a new task to the newly created Dynamic Group from (Step 2)





That's it.

The agents will check in..meet the Criteria and run the task..







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