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Any plans for cloud based ERA?

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I would like to know if there are any plans to offer a cloud based Eset Remote Administrator to SMB customers which do not want to host their own Eset Remote Administrator.


Lets face it, the new Eset Remote Administrator is much more complicated than the old, and requires much more resources, and much more know how and time to support.


It seems that the new architecture would be able to be adjusted pretty easly to support a Eset driven cloud based management system.


Are you working on something like this, and do you have a timeframe?

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there's no timeframe yet but that's indeed useful for SMB segment. We'll keep you updated with news on this forum and ESET's website www.eset.com.

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I would find it VERY useful. I'm hosting ERA on a server in my own house, with several customers connecting to it. So it's effectively cloud already as far as they are concerned.


It would be brilliant if there were a cloud offering.

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