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Trouble deploying ESET Remote Administrator Virtual Appliance in Hyper-V

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Hi all,


I'm having trouble getting the virtual appliance set up in Hyper V on my Windows Server. I was forced to join my Windows domain manually as I was getting an error in the configuration. That was successful, I can perform all commands listed in the 'help-with-domain.txt' without a problem.


I'm now getting an error that 'ntpdate DOMAINCONTROLLER.DOMAIN failed with 1.' However, when I try to run the command manually, it completes successfully.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm getting it when booting up the virtual appliance. I am not given any login information because it's saying the initial configuration is has failed.

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Well, i have the same problem here (running under ESXi 5.5):

Here are the last lines:

Configuring hostname ...
Configuring Kerberos ...
Configuring hosts file for KDC ...
Joining Windows domain (see help-with-domain.txt)
'ntpdate XXXXX.XXXXX.XXXXX' command failed with 1.
<ENTER> Enter management mode

When leaving to console i can execute ntpdate XXXXX.XXXXX.XXXXX without problems. This is very annoying.

What can i do?


Thanks for your help,

Stefan Pokorny

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It looks like it may be a time sync issue. Verify your time and date on the VM are correct and synched with Domain controller. If not, you may need to turn of integrated time synchronization on the VM and then update your time and date with your DC. Anything more than 5 minutes off in an Active Directory environment will cause all kinds of problems. In Hyper-V 2012, open the settings for the VM and then select Integration services under Management on the left and then uncheck Time synchronization on the right and apply the changes. Not sure if it will require a reboot of the VM. Also not sure where the setting is in ESX.

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