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Realplayer Cloud and RealDownloader

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Hello, long time since i've been around; i've had some computer trouble that's fo shizle but i'm back on track i hope and looking for some help.
Up until about a week ago, all was working well with the ReaPlayer Downloader but something now has messed with it and I cannot figure it out.  I've followed Real's uninstall and reinstall guides, checked all the add-ons and other protocols and i still get the message 'unable to download'.
Somewhere in the middle of this past week or so, the gui informed me that my parental controls hadn't been set [despite me being up and running on this computer some weeks prior and having reinstalled ESS from that time].  So I go ahead and set my parental controls but only to the default levels [ie, i've not altered anything in that regard or in any other way for that matter].
So tonight I looked for anything in ESS that may be impacting RealPlayer and the only 2 things I consider may be an issue are under 'web and email':


- web access protection; and

- protocol filtering.


Speaking of the latter, I do recall SSL certificates being an issue at one time.


Can someone please shed some light and help lead me to a successful outcome with this?


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thanks, B

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Okay, but what exactly doesn't work with Realplayer? "Something has messed with it" is very general.


And why exactly did you set up parental controls? Do you need them or did you just set them up because ESS informed you about this? And does this has something to do (or do you think it has something to do) with the issue you're experiencing?


As for network issues of course also the firewall could be an issue. So you can try to disable it temporarily and look if this resolves your problem.

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oh thank you rugk for answering.  i will do my best to provide satisfactory answers.


first, real downloader simply just stopped working for me and i do not know why.  the 'set up parental controls' came up in the middle of the same time [during the same week] that i lost the download function and NO, i don't need parental controls and YES, i set them up only because ESS informed me about them and NO I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my current problerm; i doubt it but i couldn't discount it because of the coincidence.  i had the same downloading issue prior to setting up the parental control but it may still be part of the problem - i don't know.


firewall: do you speak of disabling ESS or Windows firewall?


please be explicit and exact with instructions; i am really not that savvy :(


thank you very much for your assistance, B

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hello tom :) thanks for the g'day!


as for my current issue, I'm putting it down to a [firefox and chrome] browser thing because it fails to work on either of those but it works as it should on ie11.

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Okay, but isn't RealDownloader a stand-alone program?


Additionally if you don't need parental control you can disable it of course. And if they should be the culprit of your issue then you would also see this afterwards.


I was talking about ESS firewall. I assume you use ESS firewall - if you do then you can't disable the Windows firewall anyway because ESS firewall integrates into Windows firewall.


Or are you finally saying that your issue has nothing do with ESET, but with Firefox and Chrome?

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hello again rugk.  yes, the downloader is a stand alone and yes, i am now saying that it's not an ESS issue but a browser [chrome and firefox] issue because it works properly in IE.


thanks for sticking around too :)

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