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ESM via Google Play verses ESET.COM?

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What are the differences, if any, of buying ESM for Android via Google Play verses ESET.COM, and are there any advantages using one source over the other?


Any comments or thoughts much appreciated.



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Hello Welshwood

As to my knowledge there is no difference in protection, meaning that you receive the same protection regardless of you buying from google play or a local Eset vendor. But keep in mind that the higher price from the local Vendor is caused by the service/support you will get, if issues should occur.On the other  hand ,if you should run into problems after buying from Google play, then you have us, the community, and Eset knowledge base. Personally I have bought from Google play, and have had zero issues

Regards, Janus

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There is no difference between these applications except the way they activate.


Why not merge username/password into google play edition?

I want to install mobile security from Google Play because it can be updated automatically.

If mobile security team can merge it and have a list to choice whether to enter username/password or use google in-apps purchase, it will be better.

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