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Compatibility issue with GameGuard


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My name is Tom Lee from INCA Internet Game Security Center.


First of all, excuse me for having me to post a corporate issue here.

I've tried contacting Eset through email and phone ,but

I didn't receive any reply or couldn't speak to an employee to address the issue.

So I'm posting this forum to somehow solve the issue.


To give you a brief idea of what our software and company is...

We’re an online game security software company at Korea.

We provide anti-cheat solution software called ‘nProtect GameGuard’.


The reason I’m posting this is that some of our clients in the states have reported

colliding issue with Nod32 Antivirus 6 with our GameGuard.

Our engineers have tried to fix the issue, but it’ll lead to a critical security hole in our software.

This colliding issue is causing our client’s game from launching and it is an issue that needs to be resolved.

Currently we know what the problem is and we need Eset's cooperation in order to solve this issue.


I cannot disclose further information due to security issue between the two software.

Is there any way I can receive help from Eset about this issue?



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