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Opera browser security breach

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I do have the Opera browser running on my Windows 8 system, along with ESS 6.0.316.0.  I may have had the browser open during the limited time frame mentioned.  I do manually check the Opera browser for updates, but I see that it had been set to do so automatically.   I've only had this browser installed since the beginning of May of this year (new computer), it's version 12.15.




Looks like ESET should have caught anything that tried to get in.  I've run a Smart Scan.  Is there anything else I need to do?  It seems to me, too, that the Smart Scan runs awfully fast.  I ran a custom scan of drive C and that seemed awfully fast as well.  I also did a manual search of drive C for that .exe mentioned at the virus total link, nothing found.  

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