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Whenever I install the agent manually the machine will not communicate with the ERA server


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I recently upgraded to ERA 6. I tried pushing the Agent and then the EAV but some machines were successful while others were not. So I decided to do it manually. However when I install the Agent manually on the machine (by manually I mean download the Agent from ESET and installed it by double-clicking on the msi file) and go through the steps everything goes fine. Everything is green in the status log but when I go on the web console and look for the machine the machine comes up as unmanaged. There is no communication between the machine and the server even though I have added the policy to check the server every 5 minutes and I also changed the "" in the policy to the FQDN of the server


Does anyone know what is wrong. It seems communication is registered in the web console only if I push the agent from the server.



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did you try with the scrips generated from your ERAS server? It is a bat file then you can run manually in the pc clients.

Hope this can help.


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When you installed agent manually, did you select "Offline installation" instead of "Server-assisted installation" and imported the agent certificate previously exported from the console -> Admin -> Certificates -> Peer certificate?

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Hi Brad.


Could you post the information of the following files: status & trace (from a PC Client with the issue)




Also maybe you have already tried, if not, turn off the firewall in both sides, PC & ERAS server.



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