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Add path exclusion for multiple users

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Hi All,


We are currently updating our Configuration Policy and need to add a path to a new CRM client software that has been rolled out. The path is the same on all client workstations and follows the path: C:\Users\%Username%\CRMSoftware (with sub-folders and CRM Database). 


Just wondering how do you add this path to ERAS Configuration policy so we would only need to apply it once and not have to add it to the Eset Client on the workstations manually. 


We are using ERAS v and all client workstations are on V5 EndPoint AntiVirus.


Any feedback would be appreciated. 

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Ekrn.exe is running in the local system account which means that user variables cannot be resolved by it.


I have same question on ERA6, clients are EES6, so must do it manually?

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Thanks Marcos. So we will have to do it manually for each user. 


Actually if you want to add an exclusion for all users, you can use C:\Users\*\CRMSoftware. What issue are you having if the folder is not excluded? Since every exclusion creates a security hole, we prefer solving issues to using exclusions.

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Hello All,


(my first post so be gentle)


I am resurrecting this post because I would like no know where to set path exclusion in ERA 6?


I have looked under Admin > Policies, but I'm blind and just not seeing it.


I can see file extension exclusion (e.g. *.jpg), but that's not what I want.


I would like to exclude a whole network path, such as \\SERVER2, from all desktops in the office.


Sorry if I am being a bit silly with this!






ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version
ESET Remote Administrator (Web Console), Version


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