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ESET Online Scan Impressive Results

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Guest Boukmn

I searched for and an online virus scanner when none of the other anti malware tools I was using could detect malware I knew was on my computer (the screen periodically "wiggles" when the malware transmits over the internet).  I found ESET.  I am on Windows XP.


ESET found a "Yontoo B variant" and was able to clean it.


Trend Micro (my main anti virus),

SpyBot Search & Destroy,



None for the three were able to detect it even under full scans with the latest updates.


Today, there was a repeat performance. I noticed the screen's periodic "jiggling" again and wasted all morning running full scans with the above three.  ESET found and disinfected 3 distinct malware types and eliminated the "jiggles". 


Why does ESET find these malware types that the other detectors miss??  I would assume that other companies would be actively developing the capacity to detect new malware as soon as they appear in the wild yet that does not seem to be the case.  Perhaps the malware writers develop their malware to avoid the most popular detectors...who knows.


As soon as my Trend subsription expires I am switching to ESET.




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No Anti virus vendor is 100% effective however due to the definitions of virus and malware some antivirus companies are only preventing Virus's and not malware however eset has its built in "unsafe" application scanner.

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