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Bug after updating to v. 8.0.312.3

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Hi all, I've got a problem with the my Smart Sec. after updating to the v. After updating the software asked me to reboot the computer due to the update having been installed, what I did. However, since then, and never mind how many times did I switch my notebook off and on, the software continues to demand the reboot of the computer due to the update.


Can anybody give me tips what to do?



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I would suggest perform a clean install by uninstalling it with ESET uninstaller tool and installing it with the offline installer.

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Are you using Windows 8/8.1?


After upgrading, I needed to perform an actual Restart instead of Shutting Down and turning the PC on for Smart Security to stop notifying me.

If you are using Windows 8/8.1, try turning on the PC, logging in and then Restarting the PC instead of Shutting Down to see if that solves your issue.


It has been an issue before with a previous upgrade as well: "Computer Restart" message won't go away?

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