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How to depoly eset endpoint using http proxy

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Yes, I have followed it but the task stopped at "Starting task" for a long time. is it because the first time need to download the installer and cached by proxy? The following push installation will be faster? My internet slow, download offline installer need 35mins. Thanks

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You need to download the installation package manually; then put it in the correct directory for the HTTP proxy to send to the clients.


The .msi files can be downloaded from the ESET website

Then they need to be put in the C:\Program Files\Apache HTTP Proxy\htdocs folder (or a dsub folder if you want)

Then configure a client software installation task and under "Package to Install" click on "install by direct package URL" and type in the path to your .msi file; for example "hxxp://your-server.local:3128/ees_nt64_enu.msi"


*Please note that the license file does NOT seem to get sent along with the installation when doing this; even when it is configured. ESET haven't replied to my messages about this issue.

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