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System restore fails

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Dear Sir/Madam


This error has been happening to me on multiple computers (laptop, 2 desktops) when upgrading ESS. When i go to system, and click on system protection, a new window popsup with the error message 0x81000203.

All the services are running. Uninstall,reinstall with no effect. last time i reinstalled windows on all 3 machines and installed ess latest version, just a few days ago ess 8.0.312 popedup and i updated. Since then all 3 pc's are showing the same error again.



Windows 8.1 with all updates

no tuneup utilities (turbo mode known to cause said error)

no speedup/fixit/tuneit software




Any ideas on how to fix it?

Thanks in advance


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Sadly system restore was working for me with all versions untill i update Ess with a new version and reboot. I will do a soak test today with a clean install and the latest ess to see if it works.

The problem is that it also messes with other services too. Just yesterday i received a windows update for defender definitions of 90MB. Meaning all cumulative since i installed ess.

Why is defender active again, i cant disable it from services as it is grayed out.... that is weird.

Also i am having bluetooth issues again (something i had earlier but didnt contribute to this issue)

It will disconnect randomly and wont connect by it self(mouse or headphones). Also i cant add any new BT devices to the system.

I have tried with the HIPS trick, alas no luck.

My restore fails with an error code, meaning i cant even start it, so i cant install for say ms office, because the installer makes auto system restore, and simpy FAILS when it gets to that part of the installation and rolls back all actions.


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