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Client-Tasks - Troubleshooting

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i have a question about troubleshooting. I got problems installing an ESET product and tried to find the reason.


1. First i thought i have to generate a report to get the reason of the failed task. But there is no detailled description to find out the problem.

2. I've created a policy that forces the client to raise the loglevel to "error". After that i read out the logfile to find out the reason of abortion.


Is there a possibility to read that log in der Remote Administration Console? It's very uncomfortable to create a policy, try that task again, connect to the client that failed, open the logfile and find out what the problem is.


Maybe i missed something in the ESET Remote Administrator Webfrontend? The Reports dont give me that information I'm searching for.




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Don't worry, it's not your fault. We've all complained about this since December when they first released the "Beta" for North America. The logs are extremely unclear and just are not available through the Web Console. This is because the Agent neither receives or sends the logs of the clients, so if a task fails, you either:

* Log into the client machine and read the logs locally or remotely

* Bother the client every time the task fails and have them send you the logs

* Log directly into the server and navigate to the Server logs to see if it gives anything helpful


I personally find this as extremely inconvenient because how are we supposed to troubleshoot an issue when the task result is just, "Failed"? And the Web Console is supposed to serve as an interface between the user and the server, but what's the point of calling it an "interface" when you still need to access the server to view logs?


I brought these points up numerous times so hopefully it will be implemented soon. For the time being, you'll need to continue troubleshooting the way you have been. It's the way we all have...

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