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De-active licenses

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After upgrading the ESET Remote Administrator management, ERA agents and ESET File Security to the latest versions the console now reports that the ESET File Security is over activated and some of the servers will not activate the updated ESET File Security. A generated "Installed Applications" report only shows 8 ESET File Security but the License Management screen shows 13.


ESET support suggested:

--Try deactivating all the servers from ELA, and then send another activation task.



But unable to deactivate keys.  If the top box is selected (normally select all) and then the “DEACTIVATE” button at the bottom then the error  “You did not select any unit to deactivate” is received.   No individual check boxes are listed when using IE 9, IE11, IE11 with compatibility mode, FireFox or Chrome.


This has left servers unprotected for a week and a half with Tech Support not responding to requests for updates.   


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Please check it out, it should be fixed now. The licenses on computers not having connected to ERAS in the last 2 weeks have been deactivated.

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