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virus signature DB update end with error

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i install HTTP proxy by follow this hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN3637&viewlocale=en_US

but without password on the proxy, and i create the two policy one for agent and one for eset security product, i install the agent and software to client no problems,

client side: when i open setup, and advanced setup, then post-7056-0-79265000-1429103141_thumb.jpg

 then pressing tools selecting Proxy server i found the server which have the http proxy on the right side but when i press detect

  i got no proxy server detected, the client does not take any update from the http proxy server


i need help please

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Could you please post a screen shot of the Update panel with the error displayed ? Proxy server detection by clicking the Detect button won't work as it's supposed to detect proxy set in your local LAN settings.

If you set the proxy in your LAN settings to, are able to open a website in Internet Explorer?

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I have the same problem since this morning, i mean last night.. Strange is almost all of the servers have this error. "Could not connect to server", 

although IP:2138/index.html is not working from client side, but is working on local host. Restarted ApacheHttpProxy service, and will see how it will behave.. 




I still have the Could not connect to server.. Lot of servers are showing in ERAS as updates failed. This is the first time that is happening,noting changed. Only thing left is to check with networks, but telnet from my computer to ERAS on port 3128 works. 




Removed proxy from the servers, and now servers are updated. Will check why there was an issue with http proxy, it is clearly working now, even from my computer. 

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