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ERA 6 - Not ready for business use....

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Well, I'll be using ERA/ESET 5.x for a while it seems.  I have no idea why they thought this product was ready or even better than ERA 5.  I'd take ERA 5 over version 6 any day.


I can't get clients to process policies, AD synchronization is set to only when the ERA server is rebooted by default, this whole agent/certificate thing is a pain, the ERA 6.x patching process sucks (uninstall and reinstall, leaving certs all over the place!), and the interface is annoying (reminds me of the Metro UI where you have to get your mouse just right in certain spots to display the menu).


It's also a mess compared to the ERA 5 interface.  I have one (my only client on 6) showing up 3 times in the ERA 6 interface.  Why do clients have to show up multiple times for different "errors" (they aren't even really errors btw, it's non-sense such as the Windows Firewall being turned off).


It took me all day to get one policy to apply to a single client.


I just wish I didn't have to reboot the ERA 5.x server daily due to port exhaustion.  That was coded poorly.  Other than that ERA 5 is way better.  

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We understand that ERA v6 has been a big step to a complex and robust product with almost everything designed from scratch which may be a problem especially for administrators in smaller networks. ESET has created a lot of knowledgebase articles and videos to help with migration to ERA v6. Also we have a team of moderators and ERA engineers who assist users with issues they encounter during the migration. Although some may be actual issues but often it's just that the user has to get acquainted with the new product. For instance, you've complained about Windows Firewall being turned off. In fact, this can be customized via the ERA Agent policy where you can disable the following reports: OS not up to date, firewall issues, virus and spyware protection issues.


As for the issue with clients showing up multiple times, this shouldn't happen unless the unique ID assigned to each client has changed somehow (e.g. by editing the registry). Please post some screen shots to illustrate the issue. Are all these clients still connecting to ERAS if you check the date of the last connection?


If possible, please elaborate more on each of the following issues so that we can provide you with accurate advice:

1, I can't get clients to process policies

2, AD synchronization is set to only when the ERA server is rebooted by default

3, ... uninstall and reinstall, leaving certs all over the place!

4, It took me all day to get one policy to apply to a single client.

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Complaints about this Remove Administrator console are apparently not approved.  Great.  One of the clunkiest, most unintuitive and oddly difficult to use consoles, and you won't respond to feedback.  Honestly, it's MADDENING to try to use it, to try to figure out where you stand with your deployments, to have to click twice to open pop-ups to see what errors are happening with a computer, the endless waiting.  It's really awful, my nomination for worst designed interface in history.  I'm not kidding, I'm not just trying to be funny or cranky...it's absolutely HORRIBLE to use.  So far my comments apparently do not pass muster so I will obviously not plan on getting any feedback from ESET.


I will, however, plan on replacing this rubbish with Sophos or Symantec next year when the licensing comes due.  I'm extremely disappointed and frustrated with the product but the fact that I cannot come on here and complain about it because I get censored is deplorable, completely unacceptable.  I WANT TO KNOW WHAT KINDS OF DIFFICULTIES MY PEERS ARE HAVING, not read a bunch of sanitized discussions about how it's "different".  It's not "different", it's horrible, absolutely horrible.

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