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Dynamic Groups, not working or taking long time to update

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I'm currently setting up a new deployment of ESET RA6 (Never done ESET anything before) and learning as I'm going.


I'm trying to configure a Dynamic Group that puts any nodes with the ".eyes.local" in the FQDN to the group.


I've setup my Dynamic Group Template setup as below (Screenshot attached)


Device identifiers, identifer value - in (string mask) - *.eyes.local

Device identifies, identifier type, = (equal), FQDN


However the nodes aren't appearing in the Dynamic Group I've created with the template.


At this point I'm not sure if the expression's aren't working, or if I just need to wait longer for the system to update and put the nodes in the group?


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  • Former ESET Employees

Information about belonging to dynamic group comes from Agent. There should be at least 2 replications of Agent to Server.

So if you have replication interval set to 20 minutes, you will see computer in dynamic group after 20+20 minutes.

Solution for you, when testing, is to set shorter replication interval, for example every 20 seconds.

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