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My Virus Signature won't update to the latest

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My virus signature stuck at 11461. Even though right now the Update Info show that the latest is 11463. I tried to download it manually but it said that my virus database is up to date. I also try updating it after clearing the update cache but still no joy. Is it just me or anybody else found the same problem?


Or is it the same problem that happen in the past when new version of ESET released, the server get loaded to much so sometimes we get this problem?

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Mine is also 11461. I imagine the servers are busy. I'm still on 8.0.301.0-plus 8.0.304.0 and 8.0.312.0 are out there. Some folks are going after 8.0.312.0...I can wait for the gui update.


EDIT: See post #4 regarding the update https://forum.eset.com/topic/4656-cant-update-to-vsd-11462-or-11463/#entry26766

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