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Product Suggestion (for ERA 6): Computers View and Data Export


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I'am 8 years long ESET customer. I'm testing ERA6 in a few days. It is completely different than 5.x and I' am so disappointed with it. I'm not happy with the computer view because it is not shown MAC address, domain and just have an icon for status without text, and it is difficult to quickly and directly collect and export all clients information for me. I know I can get them in the details, but it is not intuitive. I like the old version view. I fully expect new version can provide the same or similar function to help customer to export the data in view like the old version. 



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also found a bug in era6.


It is do not report correctly IP address for some computers with more than one network card  in the console. In ERA5, it is will show the ip address that communicate with ERA server.

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