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ERA 6.x Security product fail to install

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With respect,


I represent the company with 240 Eset Endpoint Antivirus Business licenses. Few days ago we implemented ESET Remote Administrator 6.x installation. We are using the linux based virtual appliance installation. It is the most cuurent one.


We were using the ESET ERA 5.x succesffully with no problems at all - last few years.

Lets put asside the fact that ERA 6.x is currently a major stepback in functionallity and managebility. It's web console is laggy and having lots of issues on latest FF i Chrome browsers. It offten crashes. But' hopefully this will get better in time.


I would kindly ask if i get some help. I'am stuck and i am unable to install ESET Endpoint Antivirus (aprox 120 licences). I am able to install the ERA 6.x agents, but not the ESET Endpoint Antivirus. All computers are with ESET 6.x Agents and old 5.x Endpoint Antivirus software deployd wia old(er) 5.x ERA Server/console.


Client installation tasks get into "Task started" and then "Task failed". It's a Active Directory managed enviroment and i am logging in (to domain) with an domain administrator level account.  Computers are accessing the internet via Microsoft ForeFront TMG proxy.

It was pretty easy to install the security products on ERA 5.x. ERA 6.x has lots of problems.


We are unable to wait and i need some help instlling the AV products to our network. So, WHERE ARE THE INSTALLATION LOGS?

Why are my tasks "failed"? What can i do about it?


Can please someone help?

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The issue is most likely not connected to ERA as such and it's probably upgrade itself which is failing. To confirm this, try installing Endpoint v6 over v5 locally.

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It looks like it was the problem with proxy settings. It seems that ERA agent is trying to pull the installation from Internet and not beeing able to do that. I tried to manually enter proxy settings. I was able to install first computer. Is there any way we could install the Endpoint Antivirus from local source (e.g the ERA 6.x virtual appliance itself)?

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