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can't find remote administration on eset product installed at client pc

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Hi All,


This my first time to use Eset remote administrator i faced a problem after install the product after configure eset configuration (XML) post-6961-0-37084600-1428310676_thumb.png post-6961-0-15862500-1428310677_thumb.png after edit and click save i push install for eset smart security and installed successfully i cannot find the edited settings on the client post-6961-0-56839200-1428310675_thumb.png , i tried to install endpoint antivirus but is the same problem :(


any help please or missed configuration to avoid it next time.



thanks in advance,



- ERA installed on win2012 r2 standard joined to dc 2012 r2

- Windows 7 Client


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It seems that you have a home version v8 installed on the client that doesn't connect to ERAS and cannot be managed by ERAS.

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Yes, Thanks for help  i just download eset endpoint anti virus 5.0.2237 and works fine, but why eset end point anti virus v6 not working its need eset remote administrator ver 6 ?


also i have a problem client's cannot receiving updates from ERA.


another question kindly find below images for updates status.















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It's (sort of) possible to manage ESET Endpoint v5 products with ERA v6, but only with limited functionality. I don't think ERA v5 has any ability to manage v6 products. The two products are so dramatically different that backwards compatibility was never really an option (One of the biggest complaints around here when ERA6 was first released).


I'd recommend going full v6 or keep all your products at v5 until you're ready to upgrade.

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