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Restore files in quarantine after uninstall

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Hello ESET Community,


I was about to reinstall my ESET Smart Security when I noticed I need some files from the quarantine.


Is there a way to restore the files from quarantine if the application was already deleted?

I tried reinstalling it. But there is no file in my quarantine history.


Thanks in advance.




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First of all, check if there are some *.ndf / *.nqf files in a subfolder of the c:\users folder. If there aren't any, quarantined files are no longer present on your pc.

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Normally if you uninstall ESS in the usual (not safe-mode) uninstaller it keeps the quarantine files, so they should be there.

But please note that you have to install the same ESET product otherwise nothing may be shown in the Quarantine window.

As for ESS the files should be located at %localappdata%\ESET\ESET Smart Security\Quarantine.

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