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Policy inheritance in ERA 6

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How does policy inheritance work in ERA 6?  I have policies applied to static groups, but when i look at the policies on the individual clients i dont see any resultant policies.  I know that policies accumulate but Do policies applied higher in the group tree actually cascade down to the computers?  How do you see what the cumulative policy is that the client is getting.



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I got caught up by this too.


The admin manual mentions how policy hierarchy works out


"Policies are applied in the order that Static Groups are arranged. This is not true for Dynamic Groups, where child
Dynamic Groups are traversed first. This allows you to apply policies with greater impact at the top of the Group tree
and apply more specific policies for subgroups. With properly configured policies with flags, an ERA user with access
to groups located higher in the tree can override the policies of lower Groups. The algorithm is explained details in
How Policies are applied to clients."


but it seems I cannot go to a given client machine in ERA and say "Show me whats being applied to THIS client and WHERE did it get inherited from."


Definitely a feature we need.

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So was this ever implemented? When I go to the static group to view a client, I can see that 4 policies were applied in the policies column. However, when I try to manage policies, it shows 0 for the client.

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  • ESET Staff

If you click "manage policies" on a client, it shows you only the policies assigned to the particular client, not the ones, that are inherited from the group. Important is, if you click on "manage policies" on a client, or on a "group".

On a "group" you manage only assignments for that group, on a "client" only the ones for that client.


You can however click on the "client details" (opens a popup), where in the tab "configuration" you see all of the policies, that are either inherited or applied directly on the client, in the order they are applied.

However, when you click "manage policies" again, you are managing only the ones, that are directly applied to a client.

We are currently designing a way, that would improve this behavior, so the answer for your question is, that it was not yet implemented.


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