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EraAgentInstaller.bat 'RunAs' issue

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I want to install ERA Agent in Windows XP SP3. But I got the 'Run As' message box after run EraAgentInstaller.bat. If I change the line in EraAgentInstaller.bat


echo.UAC.ShellExecute "msiexec.exe", params, "", "runas", 1




echo.UAC.ShellExecute "msiexec.exe", params, "", "", 1


It can work. Do I have to change something to resolve the 'Run As' problem?



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We get the same on XP machines, I have to enter credentials in the bottom half - the pre-filled details in the top half never work.


But we've only have two XP machines left (out of 160) and they'll be gone in a week or so, so I've never raised the issue here.

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