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Help with Dynamic Groups by Computer Name

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I want to create a dynamic group that selects only computers starting with "WKS-"
This is the Expression I've created:



It seems as though the dynamic group remains empty. I've gone through the documentation here which doesnt seem very helpful:



I've tried changing the identifier value to "Mask" instead of "in (string maks)". I've tried changing the case in the identifier value. I've tried changing "Computer FQDN" to just "Computer Name". Nothing seems to work. Can someone point out what I'm doing wrong here? Does it take time to update?




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This works fine for me:

Device identifier, Identifier type   Equal         Computer name
Device identifier, Identifier value  has prefix    TCDESK

Give it a few mins to update.

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I've tried updating my filter based on your suggestion but unfortunately I've still had no luck after waiting half an hour.


Current Filter:

Device identifier, Identifier type   Equal         Computer name
Device identifier, Identifier value  has prefix    wks

I've also tried using 'Computer FQDN'


Here's how the computers appear in the eset Computers tab. Not sure why they wouldn't get picked up.


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Ok, it took a couple of hours to work but when I check back after lunch everything was good. I guess I was doubting the filters because results aren't even close to immediate. Thank you jimwillsher!

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