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Showing computer names in Groups menu

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Please check the screenshot,


I can not see the computer names after i install the remote agents (not within the same network) at the Groups level Lost&Found computers


However when i check the details of the computers i can see that they get the computer names correctly but they are not showing up in the list,


I have also try to edit the columns from the right upper corner but there is not computer name section there?


Any help?


This situation is very critical we have 220 clients and if i can not get the computer names listed on that menus we will be switcihn to new solution...



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All I do, once they have checked-in to ERA, is I click the comptuer name, choose Details, then copy-paste the name from the bottom of the screen and overwrite the name shown at the top. For me, the name at the top is ALWAYS the external DNS name (e.g. or remote.OurCompany.com), so I rename it manually to be the comptuer name.


Not ideal, but it works. I've done it for 160+ computers.

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this issue will be addressed in ERA version 6.2 (not it the upcoming hot-fix release).

The changes required are not so small and we want to release to hot-fix soon.



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