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ERA6 and Eset Endpoint Antivirus/Security version 5

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We are using right now Eset Endpoint Antivirus and Eset Endpoint Security version 5, also we have one Eset Remote Administrator 5 server. Everything works.

I have installed a new server with Eset Remote Administrator 6 installed.

But how can I connect the old clients to new server? Rogue detection finds computers in a domain, but I cannot get any live data from them. Logs also telling me that the protocol is uncompatible(if i remember correct).

The old server and new server having the same name and IP, even the ports are the same. Simply if I installed new server, I just powered off the old one, so there is no ip or naming conflict.


Is new agent installation needed also on older clients? Or I must configure some legacy settings somewhere in server? I don't find any information about this...


You may ask why I'm not installing simply new Eset Endpoint Antivirus/Eset Endpoint Security version 6 with agents to workstations, but is is complicated to do it at once and for every single computer of our network.

So I was planning to move to new clients step-by-step. Old clients still having configuration about remote administration server.


In short, what to do, if I want to connect old clients(version 5) to new remote administration server?



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Yes, the agent needs to be installed also on systems running Endpoint v5. The agent will ensure that the communication of Endpoint is routed through it. All you need to do is install the agent on those computers.

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