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Threat: HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen virus - cleaned all but still showing! Help!

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Upon loading my website is showing Threat: HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen virus and the site is put in quarantine, blocking access to it.


I've cleaned the files, installed Sitelock, used other tools to find any bad code, and asked my host (hostgator) to scan and remove any suspicious or infected files from my wordpress installation, which they did.


However the site is still apperantly hacked with an inject. Database was also checked. 


Could it be a false positive?  If so, why?


Can you provide more information on the line of code that the software picks up and deems a threat?  That would be very helpful in cleaning the supposedly 'bad files'.  Any help at all would be appreciated.  The site is winatbinaryoptions dot com.



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I'd like to emphasize that it's necessary to mention the url which is blocked or submit files that are detected as HTML/ScrInject.

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