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eset filesecurity 6 - high memory use of GUI on terminalserver

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since we installed the new filesecurity 6 on our terminalservers we face high memory usage of the eset GUI.


The solution of the KB is not possbile with version 6.




We prefer version 6 because of better virus detection in outlook 2013 exchange account of the user.

Version 4 was founding nearly no virus in the outlook 2013 exchange account of the user - but version 6 finds much more.


We have no eset Mailsecurity so far on our Server.


In case you have an idea or know the mailadress of the eset developers let me know. thank you


Best Regards


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  • ESET Moderators

The recommendation for EFSW version 6 on Terminal server is similar to the previous versions, in that we recommend disabling the ESET GUI. 


See the following Online Help topic for more information and for instructions:



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