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One-Time Password for changing policy or configuration

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Dear ESET Team,



I have some case in internal company, that we have more people that using notebook and always fly to the other branch or meeting on the customer.

All eset client was configured and set policy by ERA.


The problem was, sometimes we must send policy (xml) and give them password, to apply some changes that need on the client.

They can used same password to changes in every time.


So, that I want to ask is, is there any possibility to use One-Time Password for changing policy on ESET client, like ESET Secure Authentication did. So, client can't use same password in every time.



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No, there's nothing like one-time password as it wouldn't make sense. If there are users who should be able to change ESET settings on their computers, you can put them to a static group that would have password protection disabled.

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