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ESET Endpoint Antivirus installation will hang after "remove backup files"


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My ESET Endpoint antivirus v5.0.2237.1 installed at Win7  SP1 7601(CH-TW),

during the installation process, i open the task manager or other computer document.

the installation step after "removing the backup files" and nearby finished installing process.

the ESET Endpoint antivirus hung.

At the time, i cannot kill the installation process, explorer.exe stop responding.

I cannot close the windows.

must force shutdown throughout power-button by 4s shutdown.

After restart and enter into OS,

Open the ESET, it canbe working.

but I am confused why it will hang during the installation process.

Pls give me a hand, told me what's reason?


thank you very much.



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I'd suggest contacting local customer care as further logs will be needed for troubleshooting:

1, SysInspector log (to check installed sw and drivers)

2, Install logs

3, Process Monitor log from installation

4, possibly a memory dump from the moment when the system has frozen.

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Hi Marcos;


Install logs & setup related logs now uploaded into.

As process monitor log, cannot get.

for i open the process monitor to monitor the installation progress, the process monitor application will hang too.

same frozen screen as my post.

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